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John Marshall
How can I fit THAT in? I have been shopping at the LP Pencil Box for a loooonngg time. There were always lots of pencils and know, the things that kids are SUPPOSED to bring to class, but never do... The Pencil Box has made sure that I have always had typical supplies for ALL of my students. Sometimes I find...Stranger Things...and I have to really think hard to fit them into a Lesson. Last year we made Golf Courses out of AstroTurf! I enjoy being able to help students with projects, especially if they don’t have solid supports at home. If you haven’t visited, please do. I try to take all of my new teachers there.
Cordelia Howard
Supplies I enjoy shopping at the Pencil Box because you can find all kind of good supplies and lots of surprising goodies for the students and the office. the supplies comes in handy for students when they are in need of something a I really appreciate all the LP Pencil Box does.
Gone so soon!?! I have no idea how the crayons and pencils disappear after 3 months lol I'm so grateful that I can go to Pencil Box (and now the Antioch Location :-) yay), to get those much needed supplies that seem to go missing and can be costly when rebuying a few times a year. Thank you Pencil Box and all of the Sponsors.